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This command line allows user to perform action which requires admin privileges and requires the admin password. The most common use cases are installation of catalog, database and indexes, create users, query the audit etc. As oppose to "", "" does not use RESTful web services and must have direct access to the server to execute commands.
Usage: [-h|--help] [--version] <command> [options]

       catalog  Implements different tools interact with Catalog database
         users  Implements different tools for working with users
         audit  Implements different tools for working with audit
         tools  Implements different tools for working with tools
        server  Manage REST and gRPC servers
          meta  Manage Meta data


Create User users create --name John --u john --email --user-password
Import Users From LDAP users import --auth-origin {originId} --user {userId}
Import Groups Of Users
# Import groups of users users import --auth-origin {originId} --group {ldapGroupName}

# Import a group (ldapGroupName) of users, create a group (newCatalogGroup) within a study (study) containing the users imported users import --auth-origin {originId} --group {ldapGroupName} --study-group {newCatalogGroup} --study {study}
Group Synchronisation users sync --auth-origin {originId} --from {ldapGroupName} --to {catalogGroupName} --study {study}

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