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In this section you can find only the main top-level features planned for major releases. For a more detailed list you can go to GitHub Issues at

From CellBase version 5.0.0 we follow time-based releases, two minor releases a year will be scheduled in January and July.

CellBase 5.x Releases

5.0.0 (December 2019)

You can track GitHub issues at GitHub Issues 5.0.0. You can follow the development at GitHub Projects


  • Improve Test and verification
  • New Docker images
  • Upgrade dependencies: MongoDB 4.2, JUnit 5.5.x
  • Cleanups


  • Improve Variation build performance
  • Improve test coverage


  • PLi/PLoF scores from ExAC and Gnomad
  • Add Gnomad v3 and TopMed frequencies


  • Add AWS CloudFormation and Azure ARM templates
  • Add Kubernetes for deployment and orchestration

CellBase 4.x Releases

CellBase 4.x is almost closed, however we are currently working on CellBase version 4.8.0 which will be the last release of 4.x. There are many other new features that will be available in future releases. A summary of current roadmap includes:

  • Knowledge-base improvements, mainly new clinical data
  • Variant annotation: improve structural variation annotation, extend population frequencies data and improve annotator performance
  • Improve automatic testing procedures for loaded data and variant annotation
  • Improve CellBase data accessibility: provide Python/R libraries that enable easy and intuitive programmatic access to CellBase.
  • General documentation improvements: from code to wiki documentation.

Table of Contents:

Table of Contents