In this section you can find only the main top-level features scheduled for next releases. For a more detailed list you can go to GitHub Issues at

1.0.0 (January 2018)

Feature description coming soon.

0.9.0 (November 2017)


  • Building system has been migrated to npm. Grunt and Bower have been removed
  • Source code has been upgraded to Polymer 2.0
  • Complete overhaul of the Configuration, this has been split in two diffrent files with many new sections and options
  • ...

Variant Filter

  • Multiple selection of biotypes allowed
  • Many small fixes and CSS improvements

Clinical Analysis (Beta)

This is a new tool available at IVA. This is developed in collaboration of Dr. Joaqion Dopazo's team. This has reached a beta status and it is planned to be fully terminated for IVA 1.0.0. Some of the main features developed include:

  • Upload VCFs and create Samples form
  • Clinical Analysis definition
  • Interactive Prioritisation (interpretation) analysis
  • Clinical reports

Variant Prioritisation

New revamped tool. More info soon

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