The Variant Browser is divided into 4 different sections:

Filter panel

The list of variants in the main panel can be thoroughly filtered by any of the parameters listed below. Some sections appear collapsed by default, to expand them, just click on the title.

After one or more filters have been set, just click on the Search button at the top of the panel to apply them.

Active filters

Every time a filter is applied, this panel refreshes and includes a button with the filter. Users can easily remove individual filters just by clicking on the buttons in the panel. To remove all the active filters click on "Clear" at the left hand side of the panel.

Main panel

The main panel contains a table with the list of variants from a specified project/study. This list can be modified by any of the parameters in the filter panel. The table shows one row per variant and several columns containing general information about each variant:

Variant detail

By default, the first variant in the grid is selected and the tabs are loaded with information for that variant.

The tabs are