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  • PyCellBase is a Python package that provides programmatic access to the comprehensive RESTful web service API that has been implemented for the CellBase database, providing an easy, lightweight, fast and intuitive access to it.
  • This package can be used to access to relevant biological information in a user-friendly way without the need of local databases installations.
  • Data is always available by a high-availability cluster and queries have been tuned to ensure a real-time performance.
  • PyCellBase offers the convenience of an object-oriented scripting language and provides the ability to integrate the obtained results into other Python applications.
  • More info about this package in the Python client tutorial section of the CellBase Wiki.

Package notes

  • PyCellBase is compatible with both Python 2 and 3.
  • This package makes use of multithreading to improve performance when the number of queries exceed a specific limit.
  • It is distributed: