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OpenCGA vs IVA

OpenCGA is an open-source project that aims to provide a Big Data storage engine and analysis framework for genomic scale data analysis of hundreds of terabytes or even petabytes. OpenCGA provides a scalable and high-performance Storage Engine framework to index biological data such as BAM or VCF files using different NoSQL databases. A metadata Catalog has been also developed to provide authentication and ACLs and to keep track all of files and sample annotation. All these can be queried through a comprehensive RESTful web services API or using the command line interface.

To set up OpenCGA, Please go to Installation.

IVA is a generic Interactive Variant Analysis browser that can be used for the visualization of biological information from various data sources. IVA queries OpenCGA server through web services and serves as a visualization tool. 

Getting IVA

IVA can be set up either by downloading build.tar from every stable release of IVA which can be found in or by building it from scratch and then copying the build content into a web server like Apache HTTP Server.


You can copy build content to a web server such as Apache HTTP Server and open your favourite internet browser to open IVA.

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