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IVA offers a high level of customisation.

There are four main categories:


var cellbase = {
    hosts: [""],
    version: "v4"

var opencga = {
    host: "",
    version: "v1",
    projects: [
             name: "ProjectA",
             alias: "proj_a",
             studies : [
                     name: "Study1",
                     alias: "s_1"
    cookies: {
        userName: "iva_userId",
        sessionId: "iva_sid"

The above section in config.js allows to do the following:

  • OpenCGA Host and CellBase Host can be configured.
  • There is a section called projects in OpenCGA which allows to browse public projects without any login.  
  • Cookies section is useful when the application expects users to login and their cookie names that store the actual user name and session ID can be configured here. 

Consequence Type, Population frequency and Protein Substitution Scores which can be found in config.js are enabled to have colors in web application. They can be modified to your needs.

Navigation Bar

For every menu item in the navigation bar, there is visibility option. It accepts three values - public, private and none. 

  • Public mode ensures that menu item is always visible in the application.
  • Private mode displays that item only when the user is successfully logged in.
  • None option is to hide that menu item. 

Welcome page

User who clones IVA are expected to have different config.js and welcome.html to have their own configured IVA.


All styles in IVA are from jso-styles.html. Please make sure that this file is present. 

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