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Welcome to the CellBase documentation. You will find plenty of information in these pages regarding what CellBase project is, how to access public CellBase servers, implementation details, how to build and install clients/local servers and many other tutorials.

CellBase is open-source and freely available at

You can search CellBase using your favourite programming language:







Recent space activity

CellBase 4.5.3 released
CellBase 4.5.1 released

Some important fixes made, please check

Web services updated and accessible at:

CellBase v4.5.0 Released

New data sources, new web services and many variant annotation improvements (structural variants annotation, new population frequencies datasets and much more).

Accessible now at

Please, have a look to the release notes document at

variation_chr*.full.json.gz GRCh37 files in our http download server have been updated to include gnomAD frequencies:

CellBaseR Bioconductor

An R CellBase client (CellBaseR) is now distributed by Bioconductor

gnomAD exomes and genomes population frequencies (GRCh37) are now provided as part of the variant annotation results:

Space contributors



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